We bring a unique sense of style and creativity to jewelry CAD Designing, 3D Prototyping (wax models) that will make your customers' dreams come true. From simple to the most intricate designs, we can accomplish all tasks for your customers.

Prototyping- 3D Printing


We offer an affordable and easy-to-use way to produce finest detailed jewelry patterns and models. You just need to provide a sketch or image or description of your jewelry via email or fax and the printer builds it for you. We will make your jewelry look the same way as you want.

Cad Design

The designers at Miogems.com create a detailed drawing of jewelry pieces using CAD-CAM (computer aided design and manufacturing). On receipt of your description, a 3D model of your design is created using CAD software. We go over the details and keep you updated step by step, to eliminate any misunderstanding. You will receive CAD drawing for your design approval.

3D Wax Printing

We have embraced the pioneer prototyping - 3D printing to reduce the time and labor required in crafting jewelry products. Miogems.com utilizes the most advanced industry technology to provide highest resolution prototypes. The prototyping design is done with Solidscape machines. Solidscape offers the highest precision 3D modeling rapid prototyping systems. These 3D printer machines are used so that the custom piece can be ultra-precise and preserve even tiny details. It is the best method of creating precise jewelry models for excellent casting quality. With 3D printing, jewelry models can be made in a quick, accurate and clear-cut manner.

Photo Relistic Renders

It is important that casting is done properly to avoid any loss of detail and to make the process cost-effective and efficient. We constantly strive to keep an eye on the latest technologies to produce models of optimum resolution. Miogems.com specializes in offering engagement rings, necklaces, wedding rings, name plates and much more.

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